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Connect and REconnect

at Home

Module One

This stage has four modules. For easy navigation, each module is on a different page of this website. To get to the other modules, click any of the buttons below. 

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Watch the Module One Video

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Read an excerpt from Hannah Hurnards' Hind's Feet on High Places. 

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Watch the Module One Discussion Video

In this discussion video, listen as my friend Ashley and I discuss our considerations and questions from the first teaching video and the reading selection. Key points and practical solutions from module 1 include: 

  1. Connect with those who can help; connect with those who need help.

  2. Trade bad habits for good ones—one at a time. Find someone who can help.

  3. Trade lies for truth—about yourself, others—and God. Find someone who can help.

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Download: Relationship, Habit, and Ideas

Knowledge isn’t enough. We need good relationships that help us build good habits, and we need the inspiration of good ideas. Use this inventory tool to think intentionally about the impact and influence of your relationship, habits, and the ideas you are trusting to be true.

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