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Connect and REconnect

at Home

Module Two

This stage has four modules. For easy navigation, each module is on a different page of this website. To get to the other modules, click any of the buttons below. 

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Watch the Module Two Video

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Read this excerpt from Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You and The Cure. 

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Watch the Module Two Discussion Video

Keeping your boundaries offers your child an important lesson—they know who you are, and what you trust—and that your decisions are based on your convictions instead of their emotions. As you watch this discussion video, listen as Ashley and I discuss a few vital ideas—and write your own on your considerations and questions page.

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Download Connect and Reconnect

This quick chart will show you a visual difference between what it looks like to connect and reconnect vs. to disconnect. It’s often helpful to remember—behavior is evidence of what I believe to be true about me, you, and God. When I disconnect, I am believing a lie about you—or me, or the circumstances. Print out this chart and use it as a bookmark, put it on your fridge, or your bathroom mirror. When you realize you’re disconnected—choose to re-connect. Connection brings healing and strength.

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Download Identity, Integrity, and Immunity 

Life can get tangled. We do what we don’t want to do, and don’t do what we really desire to do. We can experience a life of integrity; this resource tells us how. The freedom of new life is ours when we allow our identity, integrity, and the immune system that is our life lived in trusted relationships to line up in love. There is great hope.

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