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a New Kind of Education

Welcome to John 15 Academy

We are an online co-learning community that exists to STRENGTHEN FAMILIES and REPURPOSE EDUCATION. We remove the fear of failure from the school environment, so our children can find their VOICE, discover their PASSIONS, and embrace their UNIQUE CALLING to impact and influence the world for good.

How do we do this?

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We focus on building


between teacher and student—and between student and parent—so children can ask for help without feeling fear or shame. 

We take the performance metric out of education, so students aren't just focused on making a good grade, achieving good standardized test scores, or earning their parent's approval. 

And the result?

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Children are no longer weighed down by a fear of failure. They no longer feel ashamed because they don't understand or can't meet expectations.

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Instead, children begin to see their own potential. They FEEL CONFIDENT and able to tackle a struggle when it comes their way. They discover new PASSIONS and DREAMS. They trust and they LOVE and they grow in maturity.

Janet has transformed our home! These ideas are life-changing! I feel like I am learning a new language that I get to use in a new country on a grand new adventure! Janet easily connects with her audience. She is real, raw, and relatable and opens your eyes to how relationships were designed. Her message is so needed. I wish everyone could experience the life-giving concepts that Janet has to share."

~ Stacey T.

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Our Founder & Developer

I'm Janet Newberry. In my 30+ years in the education field I have seen it all. I’ve worked in public schools, private schools, and homeschool environments. I know what it's like to see a child so frustrated that he goes on strike, refusing to participate in school... or in life!


I developed John 15 Academy to help families  discover a more meaningful, fulfilling

education experience.

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