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New Covenant


and discover the original Good News with your child,

ages 10-18.


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Education by Design, Not Default

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The Power of Transformational Relationships  

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At John 15 Academy, we help parents better understand the crisis in childhood that’s affecting their child’s experiences in education as well as their personal development.

Then we map out the steps parents can take to eliminate the crisis by building relationships with children that meet their real needs, including how to have conversations without shame when our children need help.

This 6 minute video talks about the real crisis and plants a seed of great hope. 

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Connect and REconnect Module Study!

Family Portrait

Children need adults to be present in their stories.

This quote from Dr. Gabor Mate is helpful -

"Absent a reliable attachment figure, they (children) experience fear and disorientation.

Their brain writing will go, well, haywire."

Disconnection in childhood

is a recipe for mental illness, not mental health. 




Together, there is great hope.


The Roadmap ebook offers real and practical ways parents can connect and love their children well. This one resource provides exactly what you need— practical next steps to take on your parenting journey now—trading transactional relationships for transformational relationships. You’ll be well equipped after trying out the practical ideas for every day parenting included in this resource. This e-book is also a great place to land at the end of each semester—or to read again as a review each summer.


Explore: The New Covenant e-book

"The New Covenant” e-book is a book study guide for parents or small group leaders, designed to help young people, ages 10-18, wrestle with the theological truths that are the original good news of the gospel.  This guide features Andrew Farley's book, The Naked Gospel, and Zach Maldenado's book, The Cross Worked.

New Covenant

The thoughts we think today build the brains
we wake up with tomorrow. 


The weight of childhood is heavy in American today. "Burned out" is not supposed to describe children, but it does. A growing list of performance requirements comes accessorized with a longer list of labels and disorders for children who struggle to measure up. Required to learn what the standardized test says is important, many children are confused about their identity and their purpose.

Childhood isn't a season of measuring up. It's a season of growing up. Education by Design, Not Default offers to recalculate the route we're offering to our children at school and at home. Experience the transformational power of brave love. 

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This discussion guide is a great resource to help you create your own book club at home with
your friends, small group, or church.

Please feel free to print a copy for your book club members. And, I’d love to join your group!

When you’re ready for me to plan a live, virtual Q&A, please email me at

Book Discussion Guide

Most people don't realize it's possible to live a life without fear, a life where love removes anxiety and anger and shame from every conversation, every challenge, every decision.


LOVE IS FEARLESS is on a mission to help create cultures of love instead of fear--in homes, schools, workplaces, communities, and churches. We believe that truth is essential, trust is crucial, and love is our great hope to build a world without fear.


Join us for our podcast, where we’ll offer practical advice that will empower you to bravely choose love every day. Together, we can change the world--YOUR world.


The Power of Transformational Relationships - A teaching video

Trading transactional relationships for transformational relationships will change your child’s experience of every day life in your family. Transformational relationships build trust. Without trust, your children will not experience your love, no matter how much you love them.
As you watch this video, take a few notes,
then jump into the John 15 Academy private FB group and share what you’re learning and ask your questions, too.
transformatonal relationships
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