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How to Help Your Child Learn To Struggle Well

Apr. 9-29, 2024 - $42.00 / 21 days

15 emails - limit of 50 participants.
The experience is a combination of content delivered by email and coaching provided in small groups on Marco Polo. 

I’m excited you're thinking about signing up for our 21-day small group coaching experience.

This 21-day virtual adventure will help you dissolve the connection your child has made in their nervous system between struggle and fear and help them build a new connection between struggle and love. During the 21 days, you’ll try out many practical strategies that will help you learn to struggle well, too. 

God designed us to experience life's easy and difficult times in safe relationships so we benefit from the power of love instead of fear. 


Are you ready to sign up? 


Help Your Family Write
a Shame-Sober Story

June 23 - August 1, 2024 

Helping Your Family Write A SHAME-SOBER Story is a 40-day online cohort-based adventure to help you build a new shame-free foundation for the relationships that matter most in your story.


Join the waiting list by emailing Janet

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