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Help Your Family Write
a Shame-Sober Story

June 23 - August 1, 2024 

Family is our first community. Home is where we’re supposed to discover our God-given identity and begin to live out our God-given destiny. But life doesn’t always happen that way.

Sometimes, home is the place where we’ve been robbed of our shame-free identity. If we grow up unknowingly dependent on the power of fear and shame to control our behavior, we can unintentionally rob our children of opportunities to discover a dependable, shame-sober lifestyle for themselves.


It’s never too late to break generational cycles of shame

and lead your children on a road to freedom!

Helping Your Family Write A SHAME-SOBER Story is a

40-day online cohort-based adventure to help you build a new shame-free foundation for the relationships that matter most in your story.

This experience includes significant content delivered by email and considerable support and coaching on Marco Polo from Janet in the ladies’ group and from Janet and Doug in the couples’ group. They will regularly answer your questions and help you practically apply what you’re learning about shame-sober family life.


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Helping Your Family Write A Shame-Sober Story
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