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  • Where does the name of John 15 Academy come from?
    John 15 Academy offers children a way of experiencing education by design—in relationships that meet their real needs and help them grow up. Experiencing education by design prepares children to live life by design—receiving the love that meets their needs and learning to love others, too. This is a full and free life—full of hope and significance, and free of addiction. This is God's design for all of our lives. In scripture, John 15:1-17 describes this kind of life for believers. We are children of God—always connected, like a branch to a vine, in a relationship with our heavenly Father who meets our real needs and who helps us mature. God’s love also equips us to offer true love to others. This is a life of joy—and destiny. We believe when children experience childhood by design, they will be fully equipped to live life by design. This is our great hope.
  • What are the core values of John 15 Academy?
    Relationships first. Trust God with His identity, yours, and mine. Embrace humility and the beauty of submission; trust attracts God’s grace. Live fully alive, as part of something greater than ourselves.
  • What are Janet Newberry's credentials?
    I completed my undergraduate degree from the University of Houston; I was still a Houston Cougar when I earned my Master’s degree in Administration and Supervision, and received my Principal’s certification. I earned a Certificate in High Trust Leadership from ministries in 2015; this was the result of some of my most humbling, submitted, and life-giving work. My relationship with Trueface is still a major lifeline for me; I am honored to served with them as an Adjunct Faculty member. Janet Newberry Educational Consulting, LLC is also a member of Network 220. Network 220 (named after Galatians 2:20) is an international network of more than 110 churches, counseling ministries, and training ministries throughout the United States and beyond–committed to helping people walk in the freedom of grace. My 30+ years of experience in public and private schools includes teaching and administration. I had the privilege of serving as an assistant principal in Cypress Fairbanks ISD for eight years – and chaired more than 500 ARD meetings for children with special needs. I learned a great deal as a teacher and Principal at My year as Grammar School Principal at Providence Classical School provided many lessons as well.
  • Can I read testimonials from your current subscribers?
    Absolutely! We asked our community for some feedback, and here's some of what we received: "My daughter had been weighed down with anxiety in a traditional school environment and as a result had begun to doubt her intelligence and worth. She believed she could not create anything of worth in art, she despised math, and she would choose to do just about anything besides read a book! By the end of the year, she had created a beautiful nature journal, several pieces of handwork, and had gained quite a bit of confidence back in math. She actually discovered she enjoyed beautiful works of literature and she learned to write with precision and creativity. Now, almost a year later, she has hungrily consumed about 25 books on her own—she loves to read!"—Anda B. "Our experience with Janet was amazing because, prior to working with her, my son was feeling ashamed and stuck with his academics. During their times together, our son began to see his potential—we believe because the environment felt safe and he was embraced by love. As his trust grew, he began to feel inspired to learn and it opened the door to his potential and excitement for learning."—Tami M. “Janet has transformed our home! These ideas are lifechanging! I feel like I am learning a new language that I get to use in a new country on a grand new adventure! Janet easily connects with her audience. She is real, raw, and relatable and opens your eyes to how relationships were designed Her message is so needed. I wish everyone could experience the life-givingconcepts that Janet has to share."—Stacey T. “Janet Newberry is both gifted and insightful; a profound teacher who has the ability to present principles and ideas that have transformational power. She illuminates the path to real living, real connection and real meaning in life. Through her teaching, I have first-handexperience of this transformational power in my personal life, my marriage and our children. Navigating the difficulties of life can be challenging, and Janet hands over, not just tools, but an entirely new way of seeing and approaching life that is life-giving, life- changing and profound.”—Leah M. “Janet’s warmth, sincerity and humor pulls us in by her ability to connect with and relate to those she’s teaching. The life-changing truths she shares from her research and personal experience could be overwhelming in that there is so much to learn and decipher…but she illustrates each priceless nugget in such a way that we’re not overwhelmed butemboldened. The result is not just new knowledge but useful and practical ideas and tools for life application. I enjoy and anticipate inviting family and friends to experience her message because I know they cannot walk away unchanged.”—Ashley H.
  • Does John 15 Academy offer a set curriculum?
    While we do offer curriculum recommendations, John 15 Academy exists as a co-learning online community to come alongside your chosen curriculum path. The curriculum recommendations we offer are suggestions—not requirements. More than giving you a list of all the books you must read, we want to help you choose curriculum that offers inspiration—and opportunities for mature conversations and worthy work. We want to help you teach your child in a way that supports them growing up, not simply measuring up. So you and your child can benefit from all that a John 15 Academy membership offers, and you can also choose another compatible source for curriculum—such as Classical Conversations. Or you can depend on your John 15 Academy membership to help you select great books and other experiences that meet all of your curriculum needs. John 15 Academy is not a program—it is a new design for education.

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