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Connect and REconnect

at Home

Module Four

This stage has four modules. For easy navigation, each module is on a different page of this website. To get to the other modules, click any of the buttons below. 

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Watch the Module Four Video

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Read an excerpt from The Gift in You by Dr. Caroline Leaf 

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Watch the Module Four Discussion Video

Parenting without manipulation is increasingly becoming a lost art in our culture.  And manipulation doesn’t build trust—love does.  As you watch this discussion video, listen for the practical next steps to take to build a relationship of trust with your family—without fear.

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Read: Once Upon a Time with God

My heart for my children and grandchildren is for them to read the Genesis story, celebrating the love of the Father–instead of hiding in shame with Adam and Eve. Enjoy sharing this story with your children or grandchildren, too. Enjoy the love of the Father for yourself!

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