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Stage Five

Choosing the Best Curriculum

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Considerations & Questions

Take notes on your Considerations & Questions worksheet as you watch the Stage Five video about choosing the best curriculum.

Watch the Stage Five Video

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Refer to your Study Guide

Inside the study guide, read the key points from this video. Compare and contrast them to your own Considerations and Questions. Were you presented with any new ideas or thoughts to ponder? If you're an Academy Leader, consider sharing your thoughts in the Academy Facebook group. 

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Worthy Work Resource

This chart helps you choose worthy work for your children—in response to the beautiful curriculum you’re choosing. Reading a great book loses its appeal when children anticipate a dry worksheet or pre-digested questions to answer at the end of each chapter. Worthy work is real work. Traditional assignments in school are for the purpose of earning a grade—and accumulating a grade point average. We do our children a disservice when we offer them busy work rather than work that helps them grow up. This WORTHY WORK chart includes many different kinds of responses to great books—and real learning. It also helps you begin to match the kind of work with the appropriate age of the child who will be ready to do the work.

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Curriculum Recommendations

These resources are generous curriculum lists to help you get started making intentional choices about great books for every age of development. These lists are suggestions, not requirements. You may choose different books—or use some of these suggestions, and not all. These curriculum lists are not “law.” John 15 Academy is not a program—it is a new design for education. As a parent—you know your child’s academic needs and what your relationship with your child needs. The resources are going to help you make choices that meet your real needs.


There are other ideas about curriculum in “Janet’s Curriculum Closet.” You’ll find suggestions (and links) to great Art curriculum, to Math-U-See (which is always my first suggestion for math curriculum,) and much more. If you need a suggestion for something that’s not on these lists, please ask. We’re always adding new choices to these lists—and we’re here to help. 

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