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Stage Six

Looking In-Depth at Specific Subjects

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Download and Print:

Considerations & Questions

Take notes on your Considerations & Questions worksheet as you watch the Stage Six video about looking in-depth at specific subjects.

Watch the Stage Six Video

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Refer to your Study Guide

Inside the study guide, read the key points from this video. Compare and contrast them to your own Considerations and Questions. Were you presented with any new ideas or thoughts to ponder? If you're an Academy Leader, consider sharing your thoughts in the Academy Facebook group. 

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Read: All Things Reading e-book

The ideas in the e-book “All About Reading” are for the purpose of helping children grow to love reading—more than simply earn tokens and stickers and good grades for reading. Reading isn’t a subject at school; reading is a relationship.

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Read: All Things Nature Study e-book

The ideas in the e-book “All Things Nature Study” will lay a firm foundation for a love of life outdoors—and a year-long plan for making observations and discoveries in your own yard and neighborhood. Instructions are offered here for keeping a nature journal, too.

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Read: Becoming a Writer e-book

The ideas in the e-book “Becoming A Writer” will guide you from helping a young child learn to form letters with sidewalk chalk to helping an older student write a 5-paragraph essay... and many vital steps in between. The e-book reminds us that composition is not a subject at school—rather, it is a journey of helping our children find their voice, and of making themselves known in a world that needs to hear what they have to say.

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Read: The New Covenant e-book

The e-book that is “The New Covenant” is a single-year curriculum for Intermediate and/or High School students designed to help them wrestle with the theological truths that are the good news of the gospel. Every year, we will add another year of curriculum for this important area of study.

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Read the blog post: The Joy of Raising Children Who Ponder

This blog post on Home Grown Learners will offer you a deeper understanding of the use and the value of the worthy work of considerations and questions.

Ready to Continue?

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