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10 Things to Throw Away in Your Homeschool

Fresh ideas to inspire your family to enjoy this school year

Repurposing Education 

through Brave Love

Education by Design,

Not Default

Presenting Ideas

That Facilitate Change


There's an education crisis in our country.

Traditional education teaches our children that life is about measuring up—about earning

good grades, college admissions, and their parent’s approval. 

But childhood isn't a season of measuring up.

It's a season of growing up.


Welcome to

a New Kind of Education

The mission of John 15 Academy

We seek to STRENGTHEN FAMILIES and REPURPOSE EDUCATION through a co-learning online community that works together to teach ourselves and our children the transformational power of FEARLESS LEARNING.

We remove the fear of failure from the school environment, so our children can find their VOICE, discover their PASSIONS, and embrace their UNIQUE CALLING to impact and influence the world for good.

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learn to struggle well.