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What's new at John 15 Academy?

We Disciple Families
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Childhood isn't a season of measuring up.

It's a season of growing up.

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Already a part of our community?
Already a part of our community?

John 15 Academy  - We disciple families.

John 15 Academy is a catalyst for creating secure environments where families can live loved in their true identity. We exist to show children their intrinsic value and help them see past the veil of their negative self-stories. Home is designed to be a place where we can raise securely attached children. Parents are children, too.

John 15 Academy helps parents nurture emotional well-being

and relational growth at home, which is possible by the abiding life of Christ. The Academy provides an online resource library, small group coaching, private consulting, a podcast, a newsletter, and more. Thanks to our generous supporters, many online resources are available at no charge.

We also offer small group retreats tailored to your needs.

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How Brave Love Creates

Fearless Learning

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John 15 Academy is a 501c3, not-for-profit answer to the call of

redeeming childhood and revolutionizing education.

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