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Stage Three

Aiming at a New Target

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Download and Print:

Considerations & Questions

Take notes on your Considerations & Questions worksheet as you watch the Stage Three video about aiming at a new target.

Watch the Stage Three Video

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Refer to your Study Guide

Inside the study guide, read the key points from this video. Compare and contrast them to your own Considerations and Questions. Were you presented with any new ideas or thoughts to ponder? If you're an Academy Leader, consider sharing your thoughts in the Academy Facebook group. 

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Download and Print:

Work, Struggle, Leisure, Play Chart

The downloadable resource for this stage offers more than fifty ways to get started thinking about a full life—and a free life. Use this resource as a reference for the kind of work a child needs to learn how to do—to live life as a young adult.  The experiences in the column labeled “struggle” are offered because they may actually be real struggles for one or more of your children.  


Life by design offers us many opportunities to learn how to struggle well in truth.  It’s helpful to see these experiences listed with the work and leisure and play—because it helps us begin to expect struggles as part of a natural life—instead of be surprised by struggle, and respond in fear or shame.

Ready to Continue?

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