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Stage One

Trading Transactional Relationships for Transformational Relationships (And Redefining Success)

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Download and Print:

Considerations & Questions

The Considerations & Questions worksheet is a great note-taking page. While you're watching videos or reading recommended texts, take a moment to write down the ideas that strike you in the column for "CONSIDERATIONS," and write your "QUESTIONS" in the other column. Take some time as you work through each stage to stop and quietly reflect on the content you've seen or read—and on your considerations and questions. This kind of note-taking is a powerful tool for mindful reflection. 

Take notes on your Considerations & Questions worksheet as you watch.

Watch the Stage One Video

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Refer to your Study Guide

Inside the study guide, read the key points from this video. Compare and contrast them to your own Considerations and Questions. Were you presented with any new ideas or thoughts to ponder? If you're an Academy Leader, consider sharing your thoughts in the Academy Facebook group. 

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Download and Print:

The New Definition of Success

The downloadable resource for this stage in our journey is a page that reminds us about the new definition of success—and also offers several transformational triangles—for you to record all the ways you’re building a relationship of trust with your child. In each of the bottom left corners, write your child’s name. Write your name in the bottom right corner. At the top, write a fun and different way to connect and enjoy each other’s company through experiences where it is safe to trust each other. 

Ready to Continue?

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