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Janet Newberry and John 15 Academy present

How to Help Your Child Learn to Struggle Well


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Do you believe a transformational education is right for you and your family?

A John 15 Academy membership will equip you with all the resources and support you need as you discover the benefits of FEARLESS LEARNING in TRUSTED RELATIONSHIPS.  Membership in John 15 Academy provides you with a 10-stage ONLINE experience that you can work through at your own pace.  You’ll find an online STUDY GUIDE and teaching videos to guide you through this life-changing learning opportunity, including downloadable resources and supplemental e-books.  And the best part:  a John 15 Academy membership is a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for your entire family. No renewals, no additional costs. Any time we add resources to the membership, you get them for free as a lifetime member. 

By the Numbers


28 teaching videos

10 training stages

19 downloadable resources


1 lifetime family membership


1 academy

study guide


2 signature courses


7 supplemental e-books



The membership starts with an introductory video that tells you more about my background and my research—and my dream to repurpose educationin our country and in our world. We imagine a world where children wake up inspired to go to school, feel connected in safe relationships, and go to bed fulfilled at the end of the day.

Stage One


Stage One is foundational to the rest of the stages. It offers a teaching video that will explain the difference between transactional education and transformational education. It will show you the power of an education based on TRANSFORMATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS. You'll also get a free downloadable resource that will help you REDEFINE SUCCESS for your family.

Stage Two

Stage Two offers a deep dive into the truth that STRUGGLE is a GIFT. I share a powerful demonstration in this video to help you navigate struggle in HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS, as opposed to letting struggle come between you and your child.


Stage Three


Stage Three offers an in-depth look at what it means to aim at a NEW TARGET in education. This step will help your family get out of a "performance-obsessed" mindset and invite you to experience a full and free life in a big, big world. This stage also helps you REDEFINE REST.

Stage Four

Stage Four offers you real guidance to help your mornings get started in LIFE-GIVING ways, instead of chaos and complaining. This step includes a video where I tell a story about some ideas I used to help start our school days when I was helping families in my own home. You'll also get a downloadable resource of several SAMPLE SCHEDULES.


Stage Five


Stage Five is a huge resource... all about curriculum and WORTHY WORK. This is the step where you'll learn how to make curriculum choices based on 3 simple criteria that guarantee you're making the best choices for your children. You'll also get a list of great curriculum choices for every subject (and for all ages!) to get you started.

Stage Six

Stage Six offers an in-depth look at helping your child with specific subjects using the transformational model of education. You'll find an e-book called Becoming a Writer, another about All Things Reading, and a third full of ideas for Nature Study. More e-books are coming soon about  math, history and science. Every time we add a new resource, you get the added benefit for free, because you're getting a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP.


Also in Stage Six, something you can't get anywhere else. John 15 Academy is the only source of an e-book that leads you, step-by-step through a curriculum I've written on THE NEW COVENANT. This curriculum is designed to help your middle school and high school students discover the SCRIPTURAL FOUNDATION for the theology of GRACE. 


Stage Seven


Stage Seven is designed to answer your real questions about transcripts, testing, and college admissions, all in one informative video. More than that, Stage Seven offers you a different way of keeping a record of your child's progress, and you'll receive a downloadable resource FULL of ideas for offering more than a traditional report card. You'll learn how to offer a meaningful REPORT OF GROWTH that both keeps a valid record of curriculum and the work your child has completed AND helps you and your child document the real growth they're experiencing in their personal habits.

Stage Eight

Stage Eight is a 42-page e-book that is a ROADMAP offering real and practical ways parents can connect and love their children well. This book includes links to much of my research and offers more than FIFTEEN practical examples for you to try right away.


Stage Nine


Stage Nine is a big deal! It is an entire online signature course I've created called CONNECT AND RECONNECT. It gives you EIGHT teaching videos, pages of additional readings, and four practical resources for you to download.

Stage Ten


Stage Ten is another big deal. Another COMPLETE online class called Can we Come Home Again? Loving Your Child on the Road to Maturity. 8 more videos, more readings, and more practical resources for you to download.  


Through ten stages, you have been equipped for a transformational education journey that will forever change you and your family. But we don't stop there. We offer one more conclusion video with some advice on how to keep these principles working and how to stay engaged with the transformational model of education. This is a lifelong journey and your lifetime membership is here to help, anytime you need a reminder or some encouragement.  As a lifetime member, you get:

Instant access for all of your resources

John 15 Academy newsletter


A 30-day money back guarantee

Guarantee Seal.png

Additional Membership Bonuses!




Janet's Curriculum Closet

This resource gives you all my favorite links to curriculum supplements, including a wonderful option for amazing art instruction, the best Ted Talks I've discovered, and my go-to podcasts!


Janet's Research

If you're hungry to know some of the books I've read and courses I've taken and people I've learned from, this bonus research is going to be a treasure chest for you!


Janet's Favorite Things

Oodles of links for all kinds of things, like books about grace, books to share with your children, books to enjoy yourself, and some of my favorite school supplies.


John 15 Academy Leader Add-On

If you are someone who already sees the potential in this revolutionary approach and wants to start now WITH weekly personal help from me, this add-on is for you. 

You can buy the Academy Plan and get all the features and benefits we've described thus far, OR you can opt for the Academy Plan PLUS and get these added bonuses:

Private Facebook Group


Add-On Bonus One

Join me and others on this journey in a closed Facebook group. Ask questions (everyday if you'd like!) Learn from questions others are asking, too! And I'll share tips and encouragement every week. It's like having access to an educational consultant at a ridiculously affordable group rate!

Add-On Bonus Two

60% discount on private consulting fees

Don't want to share your question publicly in the group? If you need  personalized attention and a more private conversation, you get a 60% discount when you book a one-on-one consulting appointment.

Add-On Bonus Three


Calendar Booking

AND, when you book a private one-on-one consulting appointment, you get priority on my calendar. No long waits to "get in." You'll get first dibs.

Which option is best for you?


Academy Plan

one-time payment OR



for 20 months

Intensive 10-stage training

2 signature courses

Janet's curriculum closet

Janet's research

Janet's favorite things

Instant access to all of your resources

John 15 Academy newsletter

One membership for your entire family


Academy Plan PLUS

one-time payment OR



for 20 months

All benefits of the Academy Plan, PLUS:

Online access to a Facebook community to encourage you

60% discount on one-on-one consulting appts w/ Janet

Priority calendar booking

The thoughts we think today build the brains we wake up with tomorrow. 

Give your children a head start on a better tomorrow with a John 15 Academy membership. Join today! Get started today! We can't wait to meet you!

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