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As you start to dig into the resources provided in the John 15 Academy, look for these familiar icons to guide your way:

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Recommended Read:

Education by Design, Not Default

My book offers a closer look at some of the stories, examples, and principles we'll learn together as you travel through the John 15 Academy. I recommend you pick up a copy from Amazon, so you can linger in the stories at your own pace. I've also prepared a Book Discussion Guide that you can use to discuss the book together with your spouse or a good friend. Working through the book with someone else will allow you to struggle in truth with the ideas and paradigm shifts that will transform your family. There is great hope!

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Download and Print:

Academy Pacing Guide

The Academy Pacing Guide offers you guidance on what pace you should take through your John 15 Academy journey: Full Speed Ahead or A Gentle Stroll. The “Full Speed Ahead” pace walks you through all of the membership resources at a “first year” introductory pace. The “Gentle Stroll” pace moves more slowly—especially during the first six months—and allows you to plan Stage 10 in your second year of membership. Either pace is appropriate. Choose what you TRUST is BEST for YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

Download and Print:

The Academy Study Guide

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This study guide is a resource to help you navigate through this lifelong journey we are taking together. To help find your way through the videos, worksheets, and downloads inside the John 15 membership site, this guide will queue you when to watch a video, when to read a selected text, or when to download and fill out a supplemental handout. We recommend you print this study guide at the beginning of your journey and keep it in a folder or binder where you can also add your own notes or the other downloads you will find as your journey progresses.

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Download and Print:

Considerations & Questions

The Considerations & Questions worksheet is a great note-taking page. While you're watching videos or reading recommended texts, take a moment to write down the ideas that strike you in the column for "CONSIDERATIONS," and write your "QUESTIONS" in the other column. Take some time as you work through each stage to stop and quietly reflect on the content you've seen or read—and on your considerations and questions. This kind of note-taking is a powerful tool for mindful reflection. 

Take notes on your Considerations & Questions worksheet as you watch.

Watch the Introduction Video

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Refer to your Study Guide

Inside the study guide, read the key points from this video. Compare and contrast them to your own Considerations and Questions. Were you presented with any new ideas or thoughts to ponder? If you're an Academy Leader, consider sharing your thoughts in the Academy Facebook group. 

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